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FLOODZONE is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, limited-edition t-shirts. We are the apparel division of FZ Media Design, a creative studio based in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

#04. Winterspiration


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#04. Winterspiration


Well, it’s winter again. Those of us in the Northeast are dreading another “polar vortex” season, and we're coming to terms with the fact that we might be stuck inside until mid-March.

When it’s dark and cold outside, it’s easy for your creativity to go into hibernation. But winter can actually be the most inspirational season! Here are five ways to keep your creative fire lit:

1) Do your DIY.

Now is the perfect time to finish that scarf you’ve been knitting for 4 months. You finally have time for all those craft projects you’ve got pinned on Pinterest, or those home repairs you’ve been putting off. Hang that painting you’ve been meaning to hang, paint the accent wall you’ve been meaning to paint. You’ll feel accomplished and productive, and with a few home improvements, you might feel better about spending 3-4 months inside. 

This is also a good time to take your art to the next level. “In the winter, there’s not this pressure to go outside and do things, so it intensifies my art,” said Art Director Doug Noe. “I can focus on myself and get really deep into whatever I’m making.”

Check out our Winterspiration Pinterest board for crafts, recipes, and more!


2) Grow with the snow.

Looking out your window in winter, the world looks cold and dead. It’s hard to stay upbeat and inspired when your environment is dull and gray. But you can bring life inside your home! Houseplants and succulents can still thrive in the winter, and make your home feel brighter and fresher. Succulents are our favorites because they’re so easy. Cultivate a terrarium, or plant these little guys in some funky containers and stick them on a sunny window ledge. Water them generously, but only every two weeks.

3) Break the ice.

The social calendar in the winter is a bit weird. It starts off packed with holiday functions, then social activity drops off sharply after New Year’s. Since moving Christmas to February is probably not an option, endure the second half of winter by connecting to others. You'll finally have time to call your oodles of aunts, uncles, and cousins to catch up. Reach out to old friends you’ve lost touch with, and be intentional about making new friends. Broadening your social circle can introduce you to new ideas and activities.

4) Get cookin'.

‘Tis the season to experiment with new recipes and spices! Change up a regular dish, like oatmeal, by adding something unexpected, like chai tea powder. Our Creative Director, Adam, has been learning to make savory winter stews. “I make a big pot on Sunday afternoons and invite friends over to eat stew and watch football,” Adam said. “I change the stew’s flavoring and ingredients every week to keep it interesting."

5) Spring forward.

All of the previous tips help you stay present in the moment, enjoying the winter season by being productive and social. But sometimes, the best thing to do to get inspired is to leave the chilly present moment and look ahead to warmer times. Plan a trip or an event for the spring. It can be something as small as a weekend spent camping, or as large as a trip abroad. Focus on the details and dream of sunny days.

Make this winter a season to be savored! Check out our Winterspiration Pinterest board for crafts, recipes, and more.