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FLOODZONE is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, limited-edition t-shirts. We are the apparel division of FZ Media Design, a creative studio based in Yardley, Pennsylvania.


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#01. The Floodgates Are Open


The insides of our minds, like the walls of our studio, are crammed with creative ideas, cultural touchstones, cutting-edge references and innovations. Even when we are not in front of a computer, even  without a pencil or brush in our hands, we are always designing. All of our observations, readings, and reveries convert into artistic ideas. Just as we struggle to find space for a newly acquired art piece on our studio walls, we struggle to find room for all of our ideas within our client projects. 

In other words, our creative cup runneth over .

Art Director Doug Noe, reveals our flagship logo shirt for the first time. 

One night on an airplane, somewhere between Georgia and Pennsylvania, the idea for FLOODZONE was hatched. Our founder, Charles, and our creative director, Adam, were down in Georgia for several long, hot days on a client photo shoot. Exhausted from working nonstop, the guys were happy to find an airport bar and knock back a few before the flight home.

But neither the Georgia heat, nor the airport brews, could stanch  their creative outpourings. They could not stop talking about design, about cool things they had seen, things they wanted to try. Bringing the idea back to the team at FZ, this vision of a creative outlet began to sharpen.

FLOODZONE is the space we scratched out for our artistic overflow. This is where our unused ideas will aggregate and find legs. This is where we will share our creative processes, our cool finds, our new creations. This space is dedicated to our collective, creative fulfillment, whatever that may look like.

The floodgates are open.