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FLOODZONE is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, limited-edition t-shirts. We are the apparel division of FZ Media Design, a creative studio based in Yardley, Pennsylvania.


Charles Barrett

“If FZ Media were a car, she’d be a ’67 Mustang,” Charles says, leaning against the hood. “This car played an integral part in the start of the muscle car movement. 50 years later, the Mustang is still going strong, a testament to its exceptional design and a lasting brand.”

Charles Barrett has mastered the art of living well. He has pared his life down to the simple but rich joys of family, food, music, and art. His beautiful wife and boys are at the center of his world, and his devotion to them is evident.

And then there is his other love, fixing up classic muscle cars. That’s his hobby, something Charles does for himself.

Restoring a car is both creative and kinetic, emotional and technical. It’s a meditative, rigorous process that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not unlike founding and growing a creative studio.

After 15 years of excellent design, Charles is proud of the collaborative, creative culture of FZ Media Design. She’s a ’67 Mustang, custom-built, perfectly tuned, and running great. When a car aficionado gets to this point with one of his vehicles, it’s time to take on another project. So we dreamed up FLOODZONE, and we’re going to make her run.

“We wanted to try our hand at something new. Not to make a ton of money on t-shirts, but to learn about running an apparel division and share our designs with our friends and families.” Then with a laugh, “We’re revving it up.”


by Charles Barrett

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