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FLOODZONE is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, limited-edition t-shirts. We are the apparel division of FZ Media Design, a creative studio based in Yardley, Pennsylvania.


Doug Noe

"What I do at home is anarchy," says Doug, laughing. His fingers spiral around each other, gesturing emphatically. "I get these gut feelings and just put down those instinctual images and ideas. It usually makes no sense to anyone else."

Doug Noe is different. Everyone is different, but Doug is really different. His home projects run the gamut from whimsical to disturbing, covering everything in between. His paintings are haunting and hilarious, dark and delightful.

Doug recognizes that, for him, creation is cathartic. Every night after leaving the studio, he goes home to draw. 

"I've been making art since the early '90s, so by now it's a very intuitive practice," Doug explains. "Sometimes I hate everything I've drawn and I rip it all up and put it back together as something new. I work without an endgame, so the process dictates the results."

What are the results? "Chaos."

For many creatives, it's a challenge to break out of the structure of the day job to pursue personal, artistic projects. For Doug, the challenge is to harness his freeform thoughts into something more purposeful. 

"I see FLOODZONE as the best of both worlds, where I can funnel the chaotic energy into something bigger than me. This is about us, as a team, repurposing our creative energy and redirecting it to something productive."




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